A raft is any level structure for help or transportation over water. It is the most essential of raft configuration, described by the nonappearance of a structure. Despite the fact that there are traverse watercraft sorts that obscure this definition, rafts are normally kept above water by utilizing any mix of light materials, for example, wood, fixed barrels, or expanded air chambers, for example, boats, and are regularly not pushed by a motor.

Customary or primitive rafts were developed of wood or reeds. Present day rafts may likewise utilize boats, drums, or expelled polystyrene pieces. Inflatable rafts utilize sturdy, multi-layered rubber treated textures. Contingent upon its utilization and size, it might have a superstructure, poles, or rudders. Timber boating is utilized by the logging business for the transportation of logs, by entwining them into rafts and floating or pulling them down a waterway. This technique was exceptionally popular until the middle of the twentieth century. However, it is barely used.
Extensive rafts made of balsa logs and utilizing sails for route were critical in sea exchange on the Pacific Ocean bank of South America from pre-Columbian circumstances until the nineteenth century. Voyages were made to areas as far away as Mexico, and numerous trans-Pacific voyages utilizing copies of old rafts have been attempted to show conceivable contacts between South America and Polynesia.
The sort of barge used for recreational sailing is exclusively an inflatable watercraft, created of versatile materials for use on whitewater.
In science, especially in island biogeography, non-synthetic rafts are an essential idea. Such rafts comprise of tangled bunches of vegetation that has been cleared off the dry land by a tempest, tidal wave, tide, quake or comparative occasion; in current circumstances they now and then additionally join different sorts of junk, e.g. plastic holders. They remain above water by its normal lightness and can go for hundreds, even a great many miles and are at last wrecked by wave activity and deterioration, or make landfall.
Boating occasions are critical methods for maritime dispersal for non-flying creatures. For little warm-blooded creatures, creatures of land and water and reptiles specifically, yet for some spineless creatures also, such piles of vegetation are frequently the main means by which they could reach and – on the off chance that they are fortunate – colonize maritime islands previously human-constructed vehicles gave another method of transport.
Not at all like different vessels, rafts have a shape that can’t move in a specific bearing. This implies relying upon the streams the raft should be always paddled to keep it along a course. Be that as it may, in typical ocean conditions they can be oars to cruise far over the oceans, as a Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl did in 1940s.
In the prior circumstances, water rafts were for the most part utilized for transportation and angling. The fundamental application for rafts was to convey timber logs starting with one place then onto the next. This was finished by masterminding and tying the timber sign onto the raft and after that pulling the raft down the stream.

Angling is one greater action where rafts were widely utilized as a part of the ancient time. In any case, there are many parts of the world where new water angling is as yet done utilizing rafts.
In the present time, rafts are broadly utilized as a method of recreational action. Recreational rafts are for the most part made of inflatable and strong material for wilderness boating, a popular recreational water wear renowned in all parts of the world.